Sky-King Speaclized Workouts

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How the Sky-King Calf Isolator Works

While in the sitting position on the floor and the athlete's back is against a common wall. The knees are locked so the calves are in contact with the floor, the adjustment to the athlete's size is then obtained by simply pulling the nylon straps to provide the tension. The calf muscles, hamstring and Achilles tendons are stretched and pre-loaded; then by applying pressure with balls of the feet, the specially engineered tension springs react with an opposite calf building resistance of up to 1000 lbs.+ This overload delivers a workout like no other device or platform shoe can. The Sky-King Calf Isolator builds the calves in addition to the arches of the feet and stretches the Achilles tendon, through repetitions and isometrics. Turn the feet in and adjust the cross member shorter to build the outer calf muscles and outer ankles; turn the feet out and adjust the cross member longer to build the inner calf muscles. The total calf, and foot arch exercise device is now being provided to you and your teammates, and will deliver increased vertical jump, increases foot quickness, and makes any athlete more explosive.

How the Ankle/Shin Isolator Works

By stretching and exercising the muscles of the shin and ankle you will start building a whole new power source that you probably never knew existed. While wearing a tightly laced pair of athletic shoes, and in the seated position on a bench, the foot is inserted onto the angled platform of the machine. The ball of the foot is in contact with the heavy-duty grip surface; the foot is then strapped down tightly with the adjustable nylon-Velcro-securing member. Weight discs are added to the machine's vertical post to provide the resistance needed for the workout (freeweight not supplied). Once the foot is strapped down tightly and the weight disc are in place, the athlete simply moves the device straightforward away from the body, or moves the body away from the machine, keeping the machine in one place. The angle of the machine is designed to deliver the "Super Stretch" to the shin and ankle as the distance increases between body and machine. From this stretched position repetitions and isometrics are done by concentrating on lifting the toes. The shin muscles and ankle are isolated to do the work of the lift. The pivoting point of the movement is transferred to the machine's axle and non-marking floor grips within a very tight radius to allow for maximum range of motion in the ankle.

Outside ankle workout

In the seated or standing position this machine is designed to stretch, isolate and work the ankles from slightly distorted positions. The foot is secured in the same manner. By placing the ball of the foot on the platform and the gripping surface, the axle pivot is in line with the inside length of the foot. The 2" wide nylon strap is tightened. The amount of weight is determined and placed on the shaft. While the machine is kept in one place, the athlete moves laterally away from it while slightly bending the knees. This movement causes the ankle to be gently stretched in a controlled manner. The farther away the user moves laterally, the greater the stretch to the ankle, shin and outside soleus muscle. From this negative position, concentration on the ankle lifts the machine and weight off the ground to provide the workout, sets of repetitions and isometrics are done from this position. This resistance directly conditions and strengthens the outside of the ankle, for quick and sharp cutting angles, on the court or field.

Inside ankle workout

On the same foot, the isolator is simply reversed so the axle pivot is to the outside, the machine and weight are to the inside, the foot is strapped down tightly. The legs are crossed to provide the stretch to the ankle. Concentration on lifting with the ankle is done while the machine pivots on the axle.

The machine can be used on any floor surface and comes with non-marking protective bumpers on the floor contact areas. The Sky-King Ankle/Shin Isolator can withstand any amount of weight you can max. out on. It is constructed from high quality, low carbon, 3/16" steel. welded and plated to the highest of standards. If you have purchased one of our Sky-King Calf-Isolators, you already know what kind of quality we build, our equipment does not wear out, and you will never outgrow it. The system comes with a 30 day, money back guarantee, less shipping and handling charges.



The calf isolator does not built girth. It does however build definition in the gastroc and soleus muscles in a very short time. It also builds definition behind the knee, by developing the plantaris muscle. This is of great benefit for people in knee rehab, and athletes who want to increase their lateral quickness. The Sky-King also stretches the lower back muscles for more range of motion. The difference between the isolator workout and other methods is the stretch one can apply to the calf muscles, foot arch, Achilles tendon and hamstring. Working from this negative position with progressive resistance effects the muscles differently than free weights or impact training. It is TOTAL isolation of the lower limb and foot, thus total concentration on the areas being exercised. Blood flow to this area is increased just like in any isometric exercise. What makes the machine so useful is the fact that it utilizes the locked bone structure to become the frame of the machine. The amount of pressure one can apply in this position is tremendous. The springs that come standard on the unit deliver 100 pounds of resistance for every inch of extension, per leg. The results are quick, and recovery time is short. The muscles are restructured long and slender, rather than short and squatty. The results are flexibility and very strong muscles in the foundation of the body. Foundation is everything in the life of any successful athlete. "The spring"....One of the four greatest inventions known to man...You get out of it....What you put in it...



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